Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

Every patient’s situation is different, which is why we have a consultation with you prior to the surgery. The consultation allows us to discuss your situation and the options you have available. We present any possibilities along with the estimated costs upfront and help you understand your insurance policy. Should you have any questions, please contact our office so we can go over your situation together.

Factors that affect wisdom teeth cost:

  • Anesthesia Used
  • Dental Imaging
  • Number of Teeth Extracted
  • Level of Impaction
Do You Need More Information On Wisdom Teeth?

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Does insurance cover wisdom teeth removal?

Many dental insurance policies include a benefit for wisdom teeth removal. Our staff will help you navigate your insurance benefits so that you can obtain the maximum benefit from your provider.

The Cost of NOT Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

While the cost of wisdom teeth removal may seem prohibitive, the price of not having them removed may cost more money (and pain) down the road, as extractions get more and more complicated with age.

Financing the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We offer a variety of options to our patients and their families to ensure that they get the care that they need. A quick phone call to our office will help you understand the financing options available to you.

For more information about the cost of wisdom teeth removal or to schedule a consultation with our oral surgeons, call our office in Houston, Cypress, or Katy, TX .