Wisdom Teeth Complications


As with any surgical procedure, there are some possible complications associated with the removal of the third molars. However, since the procedure has been very well tested, these complications (nerve injuries, fractures and injury to the joint) are very rare, and, if the surgery is performed at an early age, the risk is even less.


Are you feeling unsure about getting your wisdom teeth extracted? Consider this: Wisdom teeth that are not removed can cause the following problems throughout your life:


Your gums can become infected, a condition known as “pericoronitis”, due to the wisdom teeth unsuccessfully trying to push through the gum tissue. This condition, which causes pain, swelling and problems swallowing, can recur periodically.

Cysts and Benign Tumors:

Cysts are fluid-filled pockets that can form inside the jawbone when wisdom teeth are impacted. They can be very damaging and difficult to treat as they destroy jawbone and even neighboring teeth.

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Crowding and Alignment Issues:

It should be no surprise that impacted wisdom teeth crowd your smile, causing misalignment issues, even if you have had braces.

Damage to Nearby Teeth:

Wisdom teeth are notorious for damaging their neighbors by making it difficult to practice good hygiene in the area. This often results in decay, gum disease and sometimes bone loss.

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